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What is actually required for 60,000 mile service?

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Hey all! I am close to 60,000 miles on my 2015 Evo X Gsr, and I know there are other posts about this topic but I scroll through the comments and there are many different answers for what is actually required for the service. I am wondering what exactly I will have to order (part wise) that will have to be replaced. If there are some parts that are required based on checking current parts condition prior to service let me know as well so I can check those and order accordingly.
Let me know!
I really appreciate all responses!
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Do you have your Warranty & Maintenance Manual / Service Manual? Attached is a copy of mine for the 60 month / 60,000 mile service. Also attached is the corresponding dealership service department receipt of the work they did at that time.
Thank you very much! I do not have any manuals. That was a great help! So it is recommended to do every single thing listed there? I was reading online people didn’t mention as much as that manual stated, but I would rather be safe and do all of that if I need to.
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