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Coming from a Infiniti g35 coupe, it is natural on the discussion board I go has million of threads comparing the 3 series and the G. And also my friend LOVES BMW which sometimes sparks up heated debates. (And is currently owns a 335i coupe)

In a lot the reviews, even when the G35 first came out, most car critics favours the 3-series because of 'its' feel; even thought it is faster, cheaper and better looking. The only downfall I see on the G35, when compared to the 3 -series, is the interior and the badge.

It seems as though that is one major different between 3-series and it's competitors, the car mags really do emphasize is the 'feel of the car'.

Ok I drove my friend's 06 330i, it feels different, yes, it feel better yes, I do feel 'more connected to the road' and it has less body roll. Ok no problem with that, but to me it isn't worth the 10k difference between the 2. Ok, got my personal opinion out of the way.

But is it just me, or BMW most of the time, wins because of the steering feel and how it makes you feel 'more connected to the road'. Maybe I don't read other car's head to head comparison enough, but I don't remember car mags emphasizing on other cars as much as the BMW.

I am sure you guys heard this phrase before:

"Your car might be faster, but it doesn't feel like a BMW".

What about porsche? Ferraris? GT-R?

When other cars get praised it is usually "Superb handling" or something like that, there is no, oh, it feels like a porsche, it feels like a ferrari, it feels like z06, or EVO for that matter and...etc etc.

Just some thought.
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