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What kinda deal you get?

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Well tomorrow I will finally be going down to mitsu to see what kinda deal i can get on a GSR...just wondering what kinda deals i can expect...if you dont mind how much u guys been paying monthly/down payment? any info would be great...thanks in advance guys
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Hello everyone, I have finally decided to join you guys. I just recently found a "Phantom Black" EVO X at my local dealership, and the evos come with the following options at these prices:

1st one Base GSR with accy aero kit. total MSRP is $35889.00

2nd one is loaded GSR, with SSS package, nav, interior sport package, and aero kit. MSRP is $40287.00

I think those prices are quite high, what would be an ideal price for the loaded package? I was thinking about 37k? Also, I am driving a 2008 subaru legacy Spec.B right now with less than 2000 mileage, basically brand new car and amazing interior condition, however, the back bumper got slightly scratched and the pain chipped off a bit. How much do you guys this car is worth in a trade-in deal? Thanks.
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