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What to bring to first track day?

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Hey all, I'm going to my first ever track day this Saturday at Streets of Willow. Other than the required equipment, what do you find useful to bring with you to your track days?
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gatorade or water and something to snack on. you will get really thirsty especially if its sunny and warm out.
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Yeah I actually bring just that, Gatorade and bottles of water...

I also bring a bottle of brake fluid just in case. On a typically warm/hot sunny day, you should invest in a $30-40 tent thingy, the bigger the better. Folding chairs help too for chillin in the paddocks.
All the above plus a properly certified SA2000+ Helmet, shoes, pants/long sleeve shirts if your instructor/organizer is picky about that sorta thing. Basic tools.
add tire pressure gauge and lug nut socket w/torque wrench to above
ME!! :D What group are you going out with and do they have room if i have my car back by then? LOL
tire pressure gauge
Oh yeah, forgot about that...

Check your tires every so often. Fill 'em up and check after first session, bleed or fill, check after second session, and bleed/fill... if you're not exactly where you want to be at that point then well, just give up.

I think I usually ran 36 or 38 hot
Painter's tape

Wait, what!
This is a good topic to deserve its own stickie.
do NOT under-estimate how thirsty you will be

nothing will ruin your track day more than heatstroke (besides totaling the car I guess)
Well all tracks I've been to have $3 bottles of Gatorade, so it's not the end of the world if you don't bring any (like a 6 pack of Gatorades for $3 from Wal-Mart).

You might want a 5gal gas tank too, keep topped off. You'll have to make one run to the nearest gas station to fill up. I remember my last track day got really shitty after half a tank because one particular spot I would literally have to feather the gas and take the turn slow because coming out of the corner, if I floor it, my lines run out of fuel and I get bad fuel cut from not having a surge tank. If I had a 5gal jug of gas, I would've topped off, then when that got to 1/2-1/4 tank I would go fill up and fill the 5gal up with it.

Or you can live with the fuel cut and take that particular part of the track slow when you are at or below 1/2 tank, choice is yours.
lug nut socket w/torque wrench to above
:+1: I was at Mid-Ohio last year, and a GTI did not torque his wheels down properly, and one of his wheels came off half way down the main straight. He managed to pull off the track, but then to add insult to injury, he proceeded to get out of the car while the track was still hot and look around his car :duh:. Entire session was red flagged.
Like most people said, water is important. I always drink some amount of water after each session. I also bring a little tool box with me to prevent some fix up (eg. UICP popped)
An open mind.

For most people, including myself, your first experience is a humbling one. Listen to the advice you're given.
Keep the advice coming guys, this thread will be very useful for beginner's in the future. Thanks for all your help!
also something to store your things in with a cover in case of rain.
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