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Where to source turbine housing for stock frame BW EFR 7163 turbo?

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I've been looking for a turbo setup for a stock block and really like the look of the DrivenFab stock frame Borg Warner EFR 7163. Not only because of its spool and top end characteristics, but also because it can be run with an open dump which should reduce WOT manifold pressure and improve top end power. I've tried contacting DrivenFab, but from what I can tell it looks like they may not be in business. Wondering if anyone knows where DrivenFab was sourcing their stock frame turbine housings they were pairing to the EFR 7163?
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I'm not aware of anyone else offering it but the pics on DrivenFab's site of the housing look like it was cast from a mold made out of play-doh. It wouldn't surprise me if they were just machining the same stock-frame housing that other BW turbos had to their own spec though. The 7163 is an older offering that most vendors stopped offering for one reason or another. You can still get them with a v-band and roll your own if you really want that turbo. Have you looked at the GT3076R kits? It's a twin scroll dual ball bearing that supports similar HP and is still widely available on the stock frame.
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