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Where to start....

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I know theres a million threads about this but I just don't know where to start. I have an '08 Evo X GSR and I don't know where to begin with mods. I don't live very close to a tuning shop so I want to get some mods on it before I go and get a tune. I already installed a CAI and I just want some educated advice as to where to go next.
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good start would be to get an exhaust system and uicp then evaluate what your future goals are (ie: turbo upgrade, ic, fuel system, e85 etc) and go from there...
Dewey, I know theres a million threads, but in most of those million threads, most of them reccomend reading this thread first. Please read it, then post back in this one with your specific set of circumstances.. e.g use of car, power goals, budget etc.

enjoy and be enlightened:
Thanks for the link on2it, I checked it out before but for some reason I wanted direct advice (no idea why) lol. But I eventually want to have around 350-400 WHP, nothing to crazy as it is going to be my DD. I am leaning towards single exit exhaust but still not sure. Any exhaust you guys recommend? Loudness doesn't bother me at all. Budget is flexible as long as it's justifiable paying more for a certain part by a certain brand.
I have a CPE turbo back and love it. I also like the ETS V2 extreme. For a DD with 350-400 whp you could just add an exhaust (pick one, there are many), test pipe, tune, maybe some e85, maybe a 3-port and you should land pretty close to that.

With our rear diffuser set up for dual exhaust i really dont like single exit exhausts. An intercooler with UICP is also a good option (ETS, AMS, AGP, Depo racing).

Moral of the story is, minor bolt ons and a good tune will get you to where you want to be. If you are not near any tuners, get an e-tune with Clipse, nothing but good comments about his tunes.
Along with the typical bolt-ons I would purchase a boost and wideband gauge. Also download ECU Flash and purchase Evoscan with a tactrix cable. With those you can have the car tuned over the internet.
The main thing I am looking for in an exhaust is ground clearance. I live in Minnesota, I don't want it dragging in the snow or ice, especially since I plan to lower the car this summer. Do you guys think it would be ok to run stock tune for awhile with a CBE or is a tune necessary right away?
I ordered the ETS V2 Extreme. Anyone have this on their Evo?
start by reading all the sticky's and faq's lol

nah but seriously you've gotten some good advice here, do some reading, get gauges & monitoring stuff, like Malves85 said, then you can get an e-tune by one of the guys on here by sending them your logs and rom file etc. Or you could get an accesport and use ots maps as you install parts yourself then later get a protune on it. It all depends on what your goals are but bolt-ons and a tune are the way to go for more power. If you want to increase the handling a rsb, and springs won't break the bank and you get the aesthetics benefits of being lowered.
Turbo back ex. Injectors, pump, actuallu if you are interested in saving a lot of money, I have a few 6 month old parts I am going to sell soon.

I have AMS wide mouth down pipe, ID 1000 inj. Walboro 255 pump Garrett GT3076r drop in turbo with 62mm billet wheel upgrade and a few more things

Pm me if you are interested. I'll be fair with pricing to help you out!

I just built my motor and am going to full turbo ki
/thread gangbang
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