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Which package/trim would you get?

  • A00 Base GSR

    Votes: 3 3.0%
  • A11 GSR w/ Sight, Sound and Spoiler Package

    Votes: 39 39.0%
  • A13 Base MR

    Votes: 7 7.0%
  • A12 MR w/ Technology Package

    Votes: 47 47.0%
  • Gonna wait to see what 2009s have.

    Votes: 4 4.0%
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I will have to check for you tomorrow. I'll call head office in Cypress and find out.
Much appreciated!

There is still the problem of the 8km/h bumper test that all Evo's up to now have either not passed or not been tested. You will also recall the spec sheet posted for the GSR and MR which list length of the car at 1.9" longer, IIRC, for the Canadian versions of the Evo, which means they are somehow structurally different and as of now remain on the inadmissable list for Transport Canada.

Subaru STi is admissable and no one has yet told Subaru dealers in the US not to sell to Canadians, though Subaru Canada says they will not honour warranties on 2008 models.

If Mitsubishi plays their cards right and makes the prices the same in the US and Canada they will benefit. They do not have a long history in Canada with a lot of leases on the books (exchange rate is causing havoc on residual values and used car prices). They could be a leader in the expected price adjustments and could get a lot of boost from it in the Canadian market, and they need some help in our market.
Definitely, the way I see it, since it is the first EVO that is actually come to Canada, they wouldn't want to scare away potential customers with a high price tag, and they should build a solid foundation for their holy grail car, Evo X in our market. The name Lancer Evolution is not really well known in Canada, the general public would not know that this car offers great bang for bucks. Since the general public doesn't know much about the Evo, it is entering into the Canadian market with just great looks. If it is priced at 50k, which is the same price as the STi, I think customers would most likely look else where to drop their dough.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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