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Which package/trim would you get?

  • A00 Base GSR

    Votes: 3 3.0%
  • A11 GSR w/ Sight, Sound and Spoiler Package

    Votes: 39 39.0%
  • A13 Base MR

    Votes: 7 7.0%
  • A12 MR w/ Technology Package

    Votes: 47 47.0%
  • Gonna wait to see what 2009s have.

    Votes: 4 4.0%
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Just a small note. Those codes only apply to the U.S. I believe. The Canadian ones for example started with a C. In Canada there are only three trim levels available. GSR, MR, MR Premium. I ordered an MR and the code was something like CK41 or CLK41 or something. I can't remember exactly. I have to pop in next Saturday so I'll try to remember to look again.
Can you find out what the standard equipment is for the GSR, MR and MR Premium? Take some photos of the catalog if you get a chance (go all double-O spy-shiite man!). I will try to do the same next Thursday or Friday. Don't think I will get very far, but I will try to get my sales person to show me the catalog other people say they have seen.

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I'm in Maywood, NJ. In New London? If you go into Pruven Performance, Milford, CT, you'll see my Evo gracing the walls.

I'm guaranteeing MSRP for anyone who leaves a deposit in house with me. Let me know if you're interested.
Badboy, if you can garuntee a MSRP price, I will go so far as to fly down to NJ from Boston and buy it from you. Will you be my friend? :peace:

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Well, they said That I could see it anytime between mar and August but that the manufacturer is building one car per dealer per month. So even if the initial shipment has more than one for my dealer, I doubt they'll have all four. So I'm guessing (Worst case scenario) that I'll see it by May if they only get one per month.

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Graphite Gray
weds sport sa-70
Powered Recaro Sport Toplines black leather, black suede inserts, climate controlled seats
Custom leather for the rear

Try to get to 360 HP or so

Oh and do something about that boring shift knob and boot

That's my plan anyhow
41 - 60 of 102 Posts
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