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This is old news for most, but for those who have not heard of Whiteline, the brand graces a number performance suspension components that work hard to deliver real results and performance outcomes for vehicles and motorists the world over.

Whiteline’s primary focus was initially delivering ‘bang for your buck’ handling gains from the simplicity of an anti sway bar. But over the years, the expertise, the knowledge, the reputation and the products have grown since progressed to include additional offerings such as the range of infamous anti lift/caster kits, roll centre adjuster kits, adjustable control arms, camber kits, strut and chassis bracing.

Check our website out for all options, and PM us for the special EvoX Forums price.

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Adjustable Front or Rear 27mm Sway Bar
The Whiteline Flat Out EVO X Rear 3 POINT ADJUSTABLE solid steel Sway Bar 27mm diameter is a great addition to the Evo to help conquer mid-corner understeer. This kit includes high performance polyurethane sway bar bushings.

End Links Front (KLC39) or Rear Heavy Duty (KLC174)

Bump Steer Kit

Anti Lift Kit

Rear Camber/Toe Correction Arms

Lateral Lock Kits

Rear Heavy Duty Mounts(Special Order) Comes with new bushings as well.

PM us for the special EvoX Forums price or check out through our website.

1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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