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Yeah 7% extra clutch pressure is safe for street use and is a perfect match for fairly nominal power increases. Stay away from 10% and 15% (those extra pressures are only safe for track and drag). With the SST mod you can run extra clutch pressures: 7,8,9,10,11,12, or 15% extra clutch pressure. 7 percent is safe to run, effectively like making normal mode shift crispy like s-sport does. with the shift modes v2 option the s-sport shifts are the closer as are normal and sport, so now when you flick between normal. sport and ssport whilst driving with the new mod, you don't get the gasping rpm increase, its pretty much the same switching between modes and the car is very happy and safe.

EvoX / Ralliart 6DCT470 SST TCU Mod Rom v2

p.s. running extra power than factory is fairly safe, even though the factory does not want you to. Same with the SST, running 7% extra clutch pressure and ssport mode whilst driving is actually safe, and I love it! its the best mod to my Car this entire year. And all the amazing feedback I have had far exceeded my expectations by miles.

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