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Hey guys I recently bought a evo x and the previous owner had modded it and brought most of it back to stock. Luckly I was able to get of the owner and see what he did and was able to buy some of his parts back. The car had a ams widemouth dp, megan testpipe, cobb intake, cobb intercooler pipes, ams intercooler, invidia single exhaust and a grimspeed 3 port. All of this was dyno tuned on a cobb accessport. I wanted to know if I can still use this tune with all the parts above minus the ams intercooler, cobb intercooler pipes and the invidia exhaust? I was thinking of buying a 3 port to use this tune. My thinking it should work because its more restrictive but not sure. The other option is to use the cobb ots stage 2 tune without the 3port. Thanks for the help everyone.
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