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For my first track day, I went to willow spring "big track" yesterday. I must say it was a blast!!:clap: During the drivers meeting I was looking out the window at the advance group run and was thinking #%@* they're hauling ass out there!! I had some time before the first session, so I walked around an meet some cool peeps. Harry was running his evo x in the pit next to me and Steve was running his blue ralliart too. Getting out there for the first runm I was a little apprehensive not knowing the track or what to expect but the first session was behind the instructor so I got aquainted with the line. During the second session without the instructor I started to get used to the track speeds and began to realize that I was getting stuck behind other cars a lot and having to pass a lot of traffic in the zones a lot so I decided to move up into the green group for the third session.
After the first lap, I could feel my tires start to get sticky and I really started to chuck it into the corners getting to the point of the rear end getting a little loose (AWC OFF OFF/ S-Sport mode). :eek:mg: By the third lap I was getting into a rhythm and passing some cars when my sst began to overheat and It shut down on me. I let it cool and got in the pit and checked my transponder time. I ran a 1:47 before the sst problem. I reviewed the track lines with harry who was running in the black group (1:30 ish times) and I realized that I could shave a few seconds with some changes.

On the fourth session I really wanted to improve so I was more aggressive and I turned a 1:43 on the third lap when the sst reared it ugly head:angrydomo: again shutting down my day. I really think if I had the fourth and fifth lap to build on I could have broken the 1:40 mark:dancebanana:
All I could think about driving home was how soon can I get back out there... I had the time of my life, the awesome cars out there, the comraderie, and adrenaline. Man I'm hooked...

Thanks to Harry and Steve who helped me out and to ExtremeSpeed for organizing the event. I will be back after I sort out my SST issue!!!


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