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Background: new to this car. AEM gauge pods worked when I bought it. Aftermarket keneood radio worked when I bought it. Windshield wipers worked when I bought it. One day after work when I started the car everything functioned as it should yet the radio wouldn’t turn on. I took a mental note and drove home after taking apart the dash and the wiring back to the trunk nothing seem out of the ordinary but I am not the most talented electrician. It was later during a rainy day in Noticed the wipers not working when I needed them. The spray function works and I hear clicking when I move the stalk.

findings: main piece of evidence is the 30 fuse in the kick panel isn’t blown, the fuse for the radio under the good is good as well. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy. Another important note is the strange wiring plug underneath the drivers side of the car. About where the pedals are underneath the entire car an electrical plug has broken at the plastic. I attempted to tie it together to see if my stuff would come back with no success. It seems to be the same colors as the wires leaving the guage pod but it didn’t seem to work. Any pointers in a direction to start looking would be appreciated.
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