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Hello everyone,

together with my father, we provide steering wheel and dashboard restoration services. We are experienced craftsmen and we have spent most of our lives working mostly with wood. Moreover, we love cars and everything else that moves [mechanically :)]. Some of you may know us from e-bay, but recently we've launched our website that is split into two sections: 1. Restoration services: 2. Our premade (custom) wood steering wheels for BMW and Mercedes:

Finally, what's my point in writing this message is you may ask. Obviously to flex a little bit about ourselves how we can turn your damaged wooden steering wheel into custom, 100% handmade piece. :D We work with various types of vehicle's wheels: cars (as mentioned before), boats, golf carts, 4x4 aircraft, whatever. What we need is a carcass (not a cheap Chinese crap) and your wishes. The limit is only your imagination. If you want a steering wheel made of walnut root - we'll do it.

The website is not yet finished, there are no works displayed in our gallery yet (you can check some of our premade steering wheels in the catalog for that matter), but we are working on it. If you're interested in our services, don't hesitate to reach us out via e-mail, we'll provide you with some additional information about materials and stuff.

That's it. Sorry for an ad, but I thought that such info may be relevant to auto-related forum.

Cheers! :innocent:
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