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We're inundated with our fair share of press releases from aftermarket companies, but this one takes the proverbial cake in '08. A firm by the name of is marketing a system to the worst-of-the-worst poseurs in the form of the Virtual Motor.

The system taps into the RPM sensor and then plays a choice of four different engine noises through the vehicle's stereo. What high-revving sounds you ask? Well, you can either be serenaded by an "Italo V8," a six-cylinder boxer, a "rallye" engine or... wait for it... a Monoposto; what we're assuming is an F1 car's 15,000-rpm shriek.

We're taking suggestions for the most ridiculous vehicle to be equipped with the Virtual Motor in the comments below, but we'll start off with the Daewoo Matiz -- equipped with the 800cc three-cylinder.

Check's press release after the jump.Continue reading Worst. Accessory. Ever. Play V8 engine noise through your car stereo

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