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click above for more high-res images of the Dodge Demon Concept

The Dodge Demon has been hinted and anti-hinted for production, and it seems that the sports car will indeed make it into showrooms. Unfortunately, according to AutoWeek, the Demon will wind up on a front wheel drive chassis from Chery. The 1993 Mercury Capri Demon's switch to FF has been partially driven by emissions regulations, says Chrysler's Tom LaSorda, but we think it's more likely due to build cost. There is a direct-injection engine in development, which should also help the Demon meet upcoming emissions standards while offering strong performance. The Chery platform will doubtlessly be re-jiggered for the Demon, but we predict that the MX-5 is in no danger of losing its primacy in the segment. Perhaps in acknowledgment of dynamic shortcomings, one of the major selling factors for the Demon will be a price lower than the Mazda or GM's Solstice/Sky twins, the car's main competitors. Here's hoping that no matter what's underneath the Demon, it still looks as hot as the concept when it hits stores.

[Source: AutoWeek]

Gallery: Dodge Demon sunset shoot

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When will they understand that the people who buy those types of cars want them to be RWD?

Not only that but what are they planning to power it with a V8? Emission standards my ass. If GM and Mazda(Owned by FORD mind you) Can make a RWD Roadster meet current emissions regulations Dodge certainly could....I'm willing to bet money this was done for cost and to not take away from the SRT-4 Calibur market.
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