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Wtb Enkei rpf1

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Looking to by some RPF1 . Size would like 18x9.5 or maybe 18x10 depending on price.. please text me ASAP n let me know what u have

856-418-7410 my name is Ashley

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a lot have tried but all have failed! You just can't find used rpf1s.
However there is a set for sale on evom, but I think it's 10.5

you get grilled for posting your number on this forum, but since your name is "Ashley" I guess you will be fine ;)

Here you go:
There sold
Buy new, Ashley.

They're only $1200 or so... or buy Enkei Raijin for $1000 brand new
There sold
I tried searching for used ones too but wasn't able to find any. I agree with Frank, just buy new. You could also look into konig milligrams, they are just as light and a little bit cheaper.
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