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Hi all, first time poster here from Perth.

Turning 30 soon, so thought of rewarding myself with an EVO X. Probably still a little out of my budget in getting brand new one, so 08-10 model probably more realistic? Not rushing to buy, so anything with good value in the market in the next 12 months is preferable. Will probably replace my current CJ Lancer ES as an every day car (not decided if selling).

Now, I'm not a pro evo guy, in fact I never own an evo before (wanting, but no money before) , so I don't know really know "value" when I see one. Hoping you guys could help spot a good buy in the market within a budget of around $30k. Unfortunately automatic is a must, as my wife will be sharing the car and she's not very confident in driving manual, and I must admit I haven't drove manual car for little while now, and not really keen driving manual in every day freeway traffic. Not looking to finance, so instant money transfer/cash is possible with private seller too. Thanks for your help in advance!

P/S leaning towards white one atm
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