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WTB OEM EvoX plastic underpanel.

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I am looking to buy the stock plastic under panels for the EvoX.. Paypal would be easiest. I may even purchase more than 1 just in case it gets cracked again next winter.
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which sections do you need...I have left middle and right front parts
If you even have an SSP single piece under panel. I would think about that as well. If your near upstate NY I wouldn't mind coming to pick it up as well.
im in brewster i have a full one im not using
I got an offer for $50 from infantry.. how much you looking for. I have family in Montgomery your right by there right?
I have the whole under panel if interested....PM me.
Thanks rider let me see if the two guys that r close in NY come through. If not I'll hit you up thanks. Just rather save on shipping.
yeah im not far from there id do 50 buck if you want to come get it
Cool bro I'll hit you up when I can make a run down there. I'll grab it off you.
if you want a busted up underpanel I can sell to you for crazy cheap. Like you pay shipping and that's it cheap. Maybe toss me a bone for hooking you up lol.

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Thanks brother. I need the center section is that in one piece still?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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