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WTB Video Editing Software/Tools

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Some of you know that I made a video a few months back. I've really enjoy making videos (of cars of course) and I have an HD camera and a GoPro, I just don't have any software to edit it with (Windows Movie Maker doesn't count lol)

So I am looking at buying/receiving some better software. Whatever you have, if you want to just give me a copy then more power to you!

I am also looking for an externally attachable microphone, better tripod, steadycam mounts. Whatever you got, PM me.
I am shopping around on Ebay and such, but I thought I'd put out feelers here too. Thanks!
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Oh, and I have a Windows 7 PC, 12gb ram, good video card, 3.3ghz etc so I'm not hardware constrained
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