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WTF so many answers?????? When to change sst oil?

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First and formost I'm sure this tread has probally been done about 1Million times. So im probally beating a dead horse:whipping:, but here it goes....

I am at 4500 on my new 2011 EVO MR and I called the best rated dealership around here (D.C.) to scheldule all of my of drive train fluids changed (due to break-in) and the dealership told me I was F-ing crazy to change trans, TC, and Diff fluid this early!! He said that the diff and TC are good to 30k and the transmission was good until 60k!!!! That's why the fluid is so expensive. So I just schelduled a motor oil change and told him that I would look into it futher. Upon doing that I have found about 50 diffrent mileage quote's over the internet so here I am...Do we have a SST matter expert to chime in or what other people changed there's at??

Also this is my DD and I am not raping the piss out of it
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I have no answer to the question, but I just want to commend you for acknowledging that you at least searched and couldn't find a definitive answer. Sure, this may be a rehashed topic, but at least you looked and tried instead of just starting another thread. Good luck on your quest.
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