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WTF so many answers?????? When to change sst oil?

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First and formost I'm sure this tread has probally been done about 1Million times. So im probally beating a dead horse:whipping:, but here it goes....

I am at 4500 on my new 2011 EVO MR and I called the best rated dealership around here (D.C.) to scheldule all of my of drive train fluids changed (due to break-in) and the dealership told me I was F-ing crazy to change trans, TC, and Diff fluid this early!! He said that the diff and TC are good to 30k and the transmission was good until 60k!!!! That's why the fluid is so expensive. So I just schelduled a motor oil change and told him that I would look into it futher. Upon doing that I have found about 50 diffrent mileage quote's over the internet so here I am...Do we have a SST matter expert to chime in or what other people changed there's at??

Also this is my DD and I am not raping the piss out of it
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I'd like to chime in on this since we at SSP specialize in the SST Transmission, and install and repair more dual clutch transmissions then a vast majority of shops in the world. So first and foremost, do NOT trust what the dealership tells you regarding service intervals on your SST Transmission. There have been numerous occasions where customers (myself included) have been sold ATF fluid for there SST even after several attempts of telling them it's NOT the correct fluid. Heck, the dealership that sold me my MR told me the trans was NOT serviceable...period. The Evo techs are NOT trained to repair the SST in any way shape or form. All they do is diagnose when a problem occurs via the MUT tool, and either replace your trans under warranty...or not.

In regards to your question, when should I change my fluid? When buying a new SST I would highly suggest changing the fluid and filter at 1,250 miles. Just like Nissan does with the GT-R, and for good reason. Just like in a brand new motor, there are a crazy amount of moving parts that are machined to very high tolerances. All those parts are going to "break in" and "shed" material, and it has to go somewhere. It's either in your fluid, magnets, and or filter. And eventually, these particulates all end up going through the filter, and they DO build up over time and can cause pressure loss issues which cause poor/rough shifting. After you get the initial "break in" miles (1,250 miles) I'd suggest changing it every 25-30,000 miles for daily driving use, and every 10-15,000 for severe duty racing. And regardless if you're racing or driving to work and back, change your filter every 10,000 miles. OEM filters and or aftermarket filters are a fraction of the cost of a new SST, if you want your cars transmission to last.....change your fluid and filter in regularly scheduled intervals.

I've personally had countless customers call me WANTING to send in there transmission for full builds/repairs because they're car is shifting and driving so bad. My very first question is always "how many miles on the car, and when is the last time you've changed your fluid and filter". Most of them, in not all, usually reply " I haven't, the dealer told me not to...." About 95% of the time those customers just needed to change the fluid and filter and there car runs like new.

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